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Hello, World!

Nice to meet you! My name is Gerardo.

I am a web developer, always curious for more, passionate problem-solver. I love working with and learning from others, but can also invoke super-focus-mode and zone out to music for hours before coming up to breathe. Learning is fun, I crave it daily. I enjoy the simple moments in life that make up the complex world we live in.

Liz y Gerardo Wedding

Collaborated with two designers who provided an amazing design for us, I then developed a Mobile First responsive website in celebration of our wedding. The website made use of the Devise authentication solution to allow all of our guests to RSVP for our wedding. We also created a hashtag so that our guests could tag their photographs taken at the wedding, and using the Instagram API, I pulled in the tagged photographs to be displayed on our website. ( Devise authentication has since been removed from the website as RSVP was closed. )

HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery / Handlerbars.js / Instagram API / Ruby on Rails / Devise Authentication / Zurb Foundation 4 / Mobile First Responsive Layout

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Oakley Beyond Reason

A responsive, single-page, web application developed for Oakley's Beyond Reason campaign leading into the 2012 Summer Olympics. We were tasked with creating a game to push the campaign across multiple social channels. Using a third-party service in FeedMagnet, we were able to interact and pull feeds from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The concept was to use Oakley athlete-specific hashtags to show support for an athlete of choice, while accumulating points for both yourself and the athlete. The end result was to have the top athlete, based on point accumulation, be rewarded with money that would go to their charity of choice. The top individual user would receive Oakley swag as their final prize.

HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery / Backbone.js / Backbone-Marionette / Handlerbars.js / FeedMagnet / Responsive Layout

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WebINK Web Fonts

A team project between two other designer/developers and myself. My role was as Lead Developer creating XHTML markup/CSS styling while using the jQuery library to create a Javascript MVC framework to add the functionality for this AJAX Web Font Application that also interacted with a Client Developed Web Font API.

XHTML / CSS / jQuery / AJAX / Custom Web Font API

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Encompass Institute

A team project between three other web designers/developers and myself allowed this project to be realized for a non-profit organization. Our task was to rebrand their identity and design/develop a completely new site for them. My role was that of strictly a developer. I worked on and created the database integration and also created a custom admin tool for the client which allows them on page access to update/add/edit/delete content to the website.


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A team project between myself and two other web designers/developers. This project was a social link share application. We decided to go ahead and implement the Zend framework on the PHP side of things for this project. My role on this team was as a developer.

XHTML / CSS / PHP / MySQL / jQuery / Zend Framework

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Sports Central RSS Location

This project was quite a simple, yet very fun solo project. You are given the choice of choosing from seven different professional sports. Based on your choice, the app then goes out and pulls in three RSS feeds from three different providers. The end result is the latest news in a visual format that is easy to read. You are also able to search and filter within the feeds you’ve received to trim down the readings.


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University of Oregon Mujeres Group

The task was to create a mock-up design for a client of our choice. I opted to create a site mock-up for the University of Oregon Mujeres group, as they currently do not have a presence online. I wanted to make the feel and look bold and strong, while allowing for some softness with the rounded corners. The design was not implemented. This was a solo project.


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Track me down...

Feel free to contact me directly via You can also find me on Twitter, LinkedIn and GitHub.

Here's my resume ( PDF ) in case you'd like to download it.

Thanks and hope you've enjoyed your stay!